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Why Invest In Blue Diamonds

The rarity scale of naturally colored diamonds fall into four groups. Blue Diamonds are the top of the second rarest exceeding pinks but less rare than red, violet and purples.

Diamonds possess the characteristics of portability, durability and have no relation to inflation making them great assets.

Blue Diamonds are caused by boron particles that become trapped inside while the diamond is forming. The blue hue can range from clear sky to a intense deep sea blue. The primary source of Blue Diamonds if the Cullinan Mine in South Africa

The most widely known Blue Diamond is the Hope Diamond which weighted 45.52 carats that carried a fancy dark grayish blue hue

Reported prices for naturally colored Blue Diamonds have consistently increased between 12 and 17 percent each year. Due to the fact that these diamonds are in high demand but less commonly found

The U.S. Gold Bureau offers many ways to diversify your investment porftfolio like the gold coins like the Gold American Eagle, Gold American Buffalo, silver coins and bars, platinum, palladium, and investment grade diamonds.

Some precious metals can be held in a self-directed IRA, providing investors with the tax benefits associated with an IRA. Additional paperwork needs to be completed at the time of purchase. Please contact a U.S. Gold Bureau Investment Representative at (800) 775-3504 for more information.

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