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Why Invest In Pink Diamonds

The rarity and beauty of naturally colored pink diamonds alone put a higher price tag on these diamonds. They can cost upwards of 20 times more than white or colorless equivalent.

Diamonds possess the characteristics of portability, durability and have no relation to inflation making them great assets.

The form in which Pink Diamonds are formed is unclear unlike Blue Diamonds which are formed by Boron Particles.

The pink hue can range from orange pink to a purple pink. Pink Diamonds can be found in Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Canada and Tanzania. Moat naturally colored Pink Diamonds are found in Australia's Argyle Mine.

Some if the most widely known Pink Diamonds are Jennifer Lopez's and Queen Elizabeth's II. The rise of Fancy Colored Diamonds as engagement rings and unique jewelry has become more popular and now double as a asset to many.

Reported prices for naturally colored Pink Diamonds have ranged from $100,000 per carat to $1,000,000 per carat depending on their clarity and cut. Due to the fact that these diamonds are in high demand but less commonly found they will hold their value and increase over time.

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