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Fancy Blue Color Investment Grade Diamonds

Blue Fancy Diamond

Even among fancy color diamonds, Natural Fancy Blue Investment Grade Diamonds are considered to be one of the rarest stones found on earth. Blue diamonds are heavily sought after not only by pragmatic investors, collectors and jewelers, but they are very popular among the rich and famous, who value them as a status symbol, regardless of what they may cost.

Fancy blue diamonds are considered an excellent choice for investors because their demand far exceeds their supply. Over the past 11-18 years, as indicated in the charts below, both a Fancy Intense and a Vivid Blue Diamond have outperformed other commodities by a wide margin, further proof that these blue stones are a rock solid choice for investors.

10 Year Performance of Fancy Blue Diamonds

Every single blue diamond is a one-of-a kind. Certain shades of blue are amongst the rarest and most expensive of all the fancy color diamonds. There are not too many diamond mines that produce these stones in the world. In the past, they have mostly been discovered in India, however, more recently, South Africa is now taking the lead in blue diamond production.

What Determines the Value of a Blue Color Diamond

Color Intensity

The color intensity of a blue diamond is categorized as either Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Vivid and in the rarest case, even Fancy Dark. Blue diamond colors vary from pale to brilliant to intense shades as a result of the color saturation.

 Blue Saturation: Faint to Dark
Blue Diamond Saturation

Complementary Hues

A pure blue color rarely exist within a diamond. Sometimes blue diamonds possess tones or complementary hues as a result of Boron contained within the stone. The most common hues within the blue diamond are gray, green and violet. These hues combined with the main blue color create these color combinations driven by the Boron elements contained within the crystal lattice structure. Additionally, small bundles of Nitrogen found within the structure account for the green hue that is sometimes found in blue diamonds.

Some recently discovered blue diamonds have been categorized as Type IIb which accounts for only 0.1% of all natural fancy color diamonds in the world, making them exceedingly rare and highly sought after by both investors and collectors.

The photo below illustrates different possible intensities and hues that can exist within a Fancy Blue Diamond.

Blue Diamond Hues

Why Invest in Blue?

Given the consistently strong demand for blue diamonds and low supply, the investment potential is blatantly obvious. As diamond supply is becoming more and more constrained, demand continues to bolster the value as the profit potential of fancy color diamonds in India, China and the U.S. is finally beginning to be understood.

When it comes to selecting a diamond to invest in, a blue ticks all the right boxes. . It’s a color that has been in demand for many, many years and that demand continues to grow, as reflected in the price of blue diamonds in today’s marketplace. The price increase over the years for 1-10 carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamonds shown in the table below echoes this loudly.

DIA Date Price Date Price Date Price % Price Increase
FVB 1-3ct 2/21/2002 $126,634.65 5/30/2007 $244,630.69 5/14/2014 $985,221.67 678%
FVB 3-5ct 5/1/2001 $297,181.78 11/14/2007 $1,136,535.10 10/6/2014 $1,614,080.12 443%
FVB 5-10ct 11/8/1999 $443,014.07 10/8/2007 $1,321,496.03 5/14/2014 $1,799,952.50 306%

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Fancy Blue Color Investment Diamonds

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