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Fancy Chameleon Color Investment Grade Diamonds

Chameleon Fancy Diamond

The magnificence and rarity of Fancy Natural Color Investment Grade Chameleon diamonds make them enormously appealing to both diamond collectors, investors and those who simply appreciate a unique stone. All fancy color diamonds are rare, but chameleon diamonds are particularly admired for the ability to temporarily alter their color based on the surrounding environment. They are the only diamond within the fancy color diamond family that has this unique capability.

This short video demonstrates a Chameleon cushion shaped diamond changing colors through the heating process in real-time.

Below are images of the very same chameleon stone at different points while being heated. Notice the miraculous change of color in the diamond from left to right. Step 1 - the diamond is cold. Step 2 - the diamond is getting warmer. Step 3 - diamond is getting even warmer, color change is very obvious. Step 4 - the diamond is orange!

Fancy Chameleon Diamond Changing Color

What Determines the Value of a Chameleon Color Diamond

The Color

Unlike most other fancy color diamonds, chameleon coloration is not entirely understood. The color that exists in chameleon diamond is classified as a natural color all on its own. Additionally, the photochromic and thermochromic behavior cannot be duplicated and it is impossible to cause this effect on other diamonds. Photochromic behavior enables the stone to briefly change to a darker color when stored in a dark place for a longer period of time and thermochromic behavior enables the stone to briefly change to a darker color when heated. As the stone cools or is exposed to light once again, it returns to its lighter color. This effect happens in what are known as "Classic" Chameleon diamonds. Their are also "Reverse" Chameleon diamonds where the effect happens within a naturally dark color chameleon diamond and when exposed to heat or dark, it shifts to a lighter color, only to return to its stable dark color when cooling off or exposed to light.

All diamond colors are created by the compound elements absorbed into the structure of the stone throughout its formation. However, to this day, there is no known consistent elements that exist within chameleon color diamonds. Some scientific evidence points to possible causes of the chameleon color being caused by the presence of hydrogen in the diamond lattice structure; also nickel is sometimes found in chameleon diamonds which appears to modify or intensify the effects of the hydrogen.

There is some debate as to whether being included in the category of a chameleon diamond requires changes either by being exposed to heat or dark, or whether only photochromic behavior is the sole determining factor for the diamond’s categorization.

Fancy Color Chameleon Diamonds

Color Intensity & Hues

There are a number of characteristics that exists within all Chameleon color diamonds, however, these diamonds are not present in all color intensities. For example, they do not exist with intense or vivid color intensity. Chameleon diamonds, however, always maintain diamond fluorescence and possess some sort of color sequence that always include Brown, Grey, Green and Yellow.

The photo below illustrates different possible intensities and hues that can exist within a Fancy Chameleon Diamond.

Chameleon Diamond Color Intensity

Why Invest in a Chameleon?

Because of their unique ‘known’ and ‘unknown’ capabilities, Fancy Color Chameleon diamonds are such captivating and alluring stones. These diamonds are so rare and sought after by investors and collectors, they are quite often sold at colossal prices. Natural chameleon diamonds are cut, polished and verified for quality in a GIA laboratory using a very detailed, meticulous process. A lot goes into pricing a chameleon diamond and they are often sold for tens of thousands of dollars per carat. This reason alone makes them an ideal alternative investment and great addition to any investment portfolio.

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Fancy Chameleon Color Investment Diamonds

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