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Fancy Grayish Yellowish Green Diamond SI2 (3.01 Carat)

This diamond weighs 3.01 carats and has a primary color of Green and a clarity of SI2

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This diamond weighs 3.01 carats and has a primary color of Green and a clarity of SI2. Our specialists can work with you to select the perfect stone for investment, jewelry, or both.
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Main Color Green
Width 9.27
Symmetry Good
Shape Heart
Secondary Hue Grayish Yellowish
Report GIA
Polish Good
Intensity Fancy
Height 8.71
Deep 5.71
Fluorescence Faint
Clarity SI2
Certificate Number 14201887
Certificate See Diamond Certificate »
Carat Weight .51 - 1.00 ct

Diamond Education

Every diamond is unique and reflects the story of its arduous journey from deep inside the earth to a cherished object of adornment and an investor’s best friend.

Fancy Colored Investment Grade Diamonds are graded differently than traditional clear diamonds. The 4Cs are used but the color, including intensity of color and hues, is considered the diamond’s most important attribute. Fancy color diamonds are found in 12 different colors with more than 90 secondary hues and nine intensity levels within the 234 color combinations. According to Forbes, their rarity and beauty makes some of these diamonds worth well into the millions of dollars.

Diamonds form naturally in the earth under conditions of extreme temperature and pressure. Most diamonds are pure or nearly pure, causing them to be transparent and mostly colorless. Sometimes, though, other elements seep into the carbon atoms of the diamond, causing different colors to display. Gray and blue diamonds are caused by the presence of boron. Yellow and brown diamonds have been exposed to nitrogen. And diamonds that have been exposed to natural radiation turn green. Other natural colors include pink, purple, orange and even red.

Advantages of Diamond Investments:
Privacy, Performance, Physical Possession. Recession Resistant, No Maintenance Costs, Long-Term Growth, World-wide Convertibility, Portability and No Lengthy Closings and Financing Contingencies.

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