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Fancy Green Color Investment Grade Diamonds

Chameleon Fancy Diamond

Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety, at the same time, evoking both endurance and stability. And no better place to invest your hard-earned dollars than into a “safe haven” alternative asset such as a Natural Fancy Color Green Investment Grade Diamond. Green diamonds are among some of the rarest of all fancy color diamonds in the world making them a valuable addition to any investment portfolio.

Millions of years of radiation make “true green” diamonds and the absence of complementary or secondary colors increase their value, as with any fancy color diamond. Green diamonds are mostly found in Borneo, Brazil and Central & South Africa. The reason that a real green diamond is so valuable is that radiation does not usually affect the entire stone, meaning that the green may only appear on the surface or in patches. A green diamond’s true beauty is only skin deep.

The most famous and largest natural green diamond is the 41 carat Dresden Green, an exceptional stone, because its green color is evenly distributed throughout the body of the stone. While most green diamonds owe their color to surface "skins," the Dresden is uniformly green (pictured below).

The Dresden Green Diamond

What Determines the Value of a Green Color Diamond

The Color

The cause of the color green in diamonds is caused by natural radiation which is extremely unique in the color diamond family. The radiation creates an external surface or skin of green color and it’s very uncommon for the green color to reach deep within the structure of the stone. Therefore, lab graders assess the natural color of green diamond by its skin. This effect is so unique that it can be actually difficult to determine whether a green diamond is chemically treated or natural. That’s why its so important when purchasing a green diamond, to ensure it’s certified "natural" from a trusted organization, such as the GIA.

Fancy Color Green Diamonds

Color Intensity

A pure green diamond can be found with 8 different color intensity grades, as highlighted in the image below. Green diamonds are graded as Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid.

Green Diamond Color Intensity

Complementary Hues

Green fancy color diamonds most often contain at least one or two complementary colors or secondary hues. The most common secondary hues found in green diamonds are Blue, Yellow, Brown and Gray or any combination of these colors. Pure or single color green diamonds have been discovered but are very rare. A pure green diamond can be found with 8 different color intensity grades, as highlighted in the image below.

The photo below illustrates different possible intensities and hues that can exist within a Fancy Green Diamond.

Green Diamond Hues

Why Invest in Green?

Fancy Color Green Diamonds are among the rarest of all fancy colors, second only to red, and only a handful of greens are introduced into the market each year. The green color comes from being near radioactive sources during its formation which takes AT LEAST a million years to occur, hence the rarity, which make them a valuable alternative addition to any investment portfolio.

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Fancy Green Color Investment Diamonds

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