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Fancy Orange Color Investment Grade Diamonds

Orange Fancy Diamond

Fancy Investment Grade Orange Color diamonds are without doubt among the most cherished colored stones in the family diamond color reminiscent of energy, vitality, warmth and friendliness. These diamonds are exceptionally rare and any time an orange diamond is discovered or offered up on the auction block, they generate substantial hype and prices drawing interest from both collectors and investors alike.

The orange color is the result of the presence of nitrogen during the diamond’s formation. Fancy orange diamonds are some of nature's most beautiful anomalies. In fact, while an orange complexion isn't as seen as regularly seen as some other hues, the GIA, Gemological Institute of America, rarely ever grades a stone as being pure orange. Because of the rarity of orange diamonds, collectors, jewelers and investors actively seek out these stones as it goes without saying that orange diamonds make an exceptional investment, as well as a stunning selection for a range of jewelry.

What Determines the Value of an Orange Color Diamond

The Color

Most orange diamonds are found in either South Africa or the Argyle mine in Western Australia. These diamonds are completely natural and their color is caused by the presence of nitrogen in the stone’s lattice structure during the diamond’s creation thousand of miles under the surface of the earth. This is the same elemental process that causes the yellow color in Fancy Yellow Color Diamonds. However, based on scientific evidence reported by the Natural Colored Diamond Association, the orange complexion occurs only when these nitrogen atoms are grouped in an ultra-specific way during the stone’s formation and this distinct arrangement produces the color by absorbing blue and some yellow along the way.

Red, orange, pink, purple and yellow are the secondary hues found in natural fancy orange diamonds. Pink, purple, red and yellow are typically the complimentary colors or secondary hues found in orange color diamonds. Orange is not of the rarest colors to be found in natural colored diamonds, but as mentioned above, the GIA rarely awards a diamond a pure orange grading making these diamonds second in rarity only to red diamonds. If the stone's color is less than 25% orange, it will be deemed an ”orangy" diamond whereby the orange color is secondary. An “orangy” diamond is less rare, but orange diamonds are highly uncommon.

Fancy Color Orange Diamonds

Color Intensity & Hues

The cost and desirability of orange diamonds depends mostly on the intensity of the orange hue. In order or increasing rarity, as well as value, the seven natural color grades for natural fancy colored orange diamonds are faint, very light, light, fancy, fancy intense fancy vivid and fancy deep orange. Fancy vivid and fancy deep are by far the most coveted hues of the fancy color orange family.

The photo below illustrates different possible intensities that can exist within a
Fancy Orange Diamond. Going from left to right: Fancy Light to Fancy Deep

Orange Diamond Color Intensity

Why Invest in Orange?

Fancy Color Orange diamonds are such captivating and seductive stones and so incredibly rare, they often fetch enormous prices at the auction house. Highly sought after by both collectors and investors, natural orange diamonds are cut, polished and verified for quality in a GIA laboratory using a very detailed, meticulous process. A lot goes into pricing an orange diamond and they are often sold for tens of thousands of dollars per carat. This reason alone makes them an ideal alternative investment and great addition to any investment portfolio.

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Fancy Orange Color Investment Diamonds

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