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Fancy Pink Color Investment Grade Diamonds

Pink Fancy Diamond

Diamonds have long been admired for their natural beauty and emotions they conjure, but Natural Fancy Pink Investment Grade Diamonds have also become one the most highly sought after hard assets by investors of all stripes. Out of the entire family of fancy color diamonds, Pink Diamonds are the second rarest color diamond to be found. The low supply of these diamonds coupled with their popularity has significantly driven the prices of these stones up and up. Pink diamonds are often referred to as luxury items due to their extreme rarity, making them a great alternative addition for any investment portfolio.

The enormous price increases over the past couple of decades has prompted investors to plough money into these rare pink stones as a stable, “safe haven” asset class. Over the past 15-18 years, as indicated in the charts below, both a Fancy Intense and a Vivid Pink Diamond have outperformed other commodities by a significant margin, further proof that pink diamonds are a rock solid choice for investors. Think pink when investing in diamonds.

      Investment Performance of Fancy Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are discovered in a very small amount of mines throughout the globe. But by far, the largest source of pink diamonds is the Argyle Mine which operates in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia. The pink color of these stones from the Argyle Mine is so rare that diamond experts and jewelers can identify an Argyle diamond by simply looking at the stone. Pink diamonds and in particular, the Argyle Pink Diamonds are considered by many to be an excellent choice when investing in diamonds and often recommended as the best type of diamond investment. Below are some perfect examples of pink diamonds discovered at the Argyle Mine.

Pink Argyle Diamonds

What Determines the Value of a Pink Color Diamond

The Color

Unlike with other fancy color diamonds such as blue (Boron), green (radioactivity), yellow (Nitrogen) and violet (Hydrogen), the direct cause of the main pink color in diamonds is still unknown. Based on evidence, what is known is that Fancy Color Pink Diamonds contain high pressure graining which results in a squeezed internal structure which some scientists believe is the source of the pink color. Because of this compression, pink diamonds rarely possess a high clarity grade. Typically, pink diamonds contain surface and internal graining lines, but this is expected and does not mean the diamond is lower quality or less valuable.

Color Intensity

All diamonds are evaluated by the same four main characteristics of diamond quality: Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight and Color. However, for a Fancy Color Diamond, color is the most important characteristic of all, as opposed to colorless diamonds where all of the factors together determine the quality and value.

The color intensity of a pink diamond is categorized as either Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark intensity scores which are determined by the combinations of color that exist within the diamond, as illustrated below.

Pink Diamond Saturation

Complementary Hues

Like with any fancy color diamond, a pure, straight color is more valuable and is even more rare, however, most pink diamonds possess complementary colors or hues of either Brown, Gray, Orange or Purple or any combination of these colors.

The photo below illustrates different possible intensities and hues that can exist within a Fancy Pink Diamond.

Pink Diamond Hues

Think Pink When Investing

Fancy Color Pink diamonds are not only gorgeous stones, they’re statistical freaks of nature. For example in 2009, pink diamonds accounted for only 30,000 of the 160 million carats of rough diamonds mined that year. Driven by this rarity and an ever-increasing market demand led by China and India, pink diamonds have a truly astounding track record of price appreciation. Natural pink diamonds are without a doubt the most sought after colored diamonds by investors, collectors and jewelers alike. One look at the table below and you can see why. When it comes to selecting a diamond to invest in, a pink ticks all the right boxes. The price increase over the years for 1-10 carat Fancy Vivid & Fancy Intense Pink Diamonds shown in the tables below makes the case.

Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Performance

DIA Date Price Date Price Date Price % Price Increase
FIP 1-2ct 10/1/1995 $11,572.333 4/26/2004 $72,820.61 11/12/2014 $377,834.95 3165%
FIP 3-5ct 7/8/2003 $115,174.02 4/10/2008 $452,325.39 5/29/2015 $656,718.33 470%
FIP 5-10ct 8/17/2000 $200,953.41 10/1/2008 $484,732.14 6/2/2015 1,394,120.62 594%

Fancy Vivid Pink Diamonds

DIA Date Price Date Price Date Price % Price Increase
FVP 1-2ct 4/6/1998 $146,899.22 11/30/2006 $299,772.00 5/14/2014 $640,397.35 336%
FVP 3-5ct 4/27/1998 $368,975.31 6/1/2005 $588,302.90 4/3/2012 $993,410.67 169%
FVP 5-10ct 5/2/2005 $516,134.13 10/6/2010 $1,203,480.40 6/2/2015 2,067,459.85 301%

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