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Fancy Purple Color Investment Grade Diamonds

Purple Fancy Diamond

Fancy Investment Grade Purple Color diamonds are quite rare and unique and make a great alternative addition to any investment portfolio. Not only are these stones magnificently beautiful, many associate the color purple with wealth, luxury, power and ambition. Since fancy purple diamonds are so alluring and rare, it is a must have diamond for both collectors and investors. Nevertheless, the pursuit of purple never seems to end, as these stones are some of the most rare diamonds that exist in the world today.

What Determines the Value of a Purple Color Diamond

The Color

Sourced from Siberia or the Argyle Mine in Western Australia, a purple diamond can come in an array of blossoming hues and intensities originating from opposite poles of mother earth. The color purple is the cause of an unusually high existence of hydrogen within the stone’s structure and as with most other fancy color diamonds owes it color to some sort of impurity.

Fancy Color Purple Diamonds

Color Intensity & Hues

A pure purple diamond is extremely rare, and often only very small specimens can be found. More typically, purple diamonds appear with with secondary hues and overtones often making the diamond that much more alluring. Purple diamonds exist mainly within two categories: purple diamonds with red and pink secondary hues and violet diamonds which contain mostly blue and gray overtones. As with the color violet in diamonds, purple quite often acts a secondary or modifying color to other fancy color diamonds. In the case of pink diamonds, the color purple adds a gorgeous overtone making the pink stone that much more alluring and rich, and in many cases, raising its value.

The photo below highlights different intensities that can exist within a Fancy Purple Diamond.

Purple Diamond Color Intensity

Why Invest in Purple?

Regardless of the size and cut, it is so difficult to find rare Fancy Purple Color diamonds for sale. This reason alone is why they are so highly sought after by both collectors and investors. Purple fancy color diamonds are cut, polished and verified for quality in a GIA laboratory using a very detailed, meticulous process. A lot goes into pricing a purple diamond and they are often sold for tens of thousands of dollars per carat making them an ideal alternative investment and great addition to any investment portfolio.

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Fancy Purple Color Investment Diamonds

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