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Fancy Red Color Investment Grade Diamonds

Red Fancy Diamond

Fancy Investment Grade Red Color diamonds are not only rare; they are said to be the rarest of all the natural fancy color diamonds. This results in high prices thus making these stones extremely sought after by diamond enthusiasts, collectors and investors. It’s not clear how much remains from red diamond sources that are currently accounted for; therefore the value of these rare red colored gems is consistently rising and will only increase significantly in the future.

What Determines the Value of a Red Color Diamond

The Color

Unlike other fancy color diamonds that derive their color from impurities such as boron and nitrogen, red diamonds are made purely from carbon. The red color of the stone is created by a rare deformity in its crystal lattice structure, also known as ‘plastic deformation’. When retrieved from under the surface of the earth, light passes through the deformed crystal lattice causing an unusual bending of light that reflects a ruby-like color. A very intense level of this deformity results in a very bright red color.

Fancy Color Red Diamonds

Color Intensity & Hues

Natural fancy red color diamonds are graded by the intensity of their color and range from a dark pink to a sort of purplish red. The stronger the hue, the greater the value of a red diamond. And of course, the more rare a diamond is, the more valuable it is. Like many most other color diamonds, Fancy Red diamonds can be found in one pure color or with tints of secondary hues or colors, which include Brown, Orange and Purple.

The photo below illustrates different possible intensities that can exist within a Fancy Red Diamond. Going from left to right: Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid and Fancy Deep

Red Diamond Color Intensity

Why Invest in Red?

Fancy red color diamonds are mainly bought by collectors and investors solely for the purpose of investing and completing collections, unlike some of the other fancy color diamonds. A “true” red diamond when it enters the market demands mammoth prices, however these stones are very hard to obtain and incredibly rare. According to predictions within the market and as red diamonds become even more rare, their price is expected to double, if not triple, within a few short years. For serious investors, adding a fancy red diamond to your investment portfolio is a red hot opportunity that will not disappoint.

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Fancy Red Color Investment Diamonds

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