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Fancy Violet Color Investment Grade Diamonds

Violet Fancy Diamond

Fancy Investment Grade Violet Color diamonds enjoy the same romantic appeal as pinks but with a touch of mystery. The color itself evokes both imagination and spirituality. Whether its dark violet or a pale purplish violet diamond, all are equally magnificent and beautiful. These alluring stones are incredibly rare belonging to the purple diamond family and over the past few years, the demand for these diamonds have grown exponentially and have become favored by both collectors and investors.

What Determines the Value of a Violet Color Diamond

The Color

The color violet within diamonds is a color in its own right and appears in different intensities and hues. However, the color is really a combination of blue and purple. The majority of fancy violet color diamonds emerge from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia. To date, scientists agree that the violet color in diamonds is caused by crystal distortion, same as pink and purple diamonds. However, it also believed that the presence of hydrogen may be responsible for their hue.

Fancy Color Violet Diamonds

Color Intensity & Hues

Naturally discovered violet diamonds usually appear with a secondary hue, typically gray or blue. A pure violet diamond rarely appears in nature and when it does, they are discovered in very small sizes. Although rare, pure violet diamonds are not as rare as fancy blues or reds. Their saturation levels vary greatly from Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep and a very small handful of Intense. More times than not, the color violet appears more as a modifying color in a secondary hue, it can be either Violet or Violetish depending on how violet appears in the stone.

The photo below illustrates some of the different possible intensities and hues that can exist within a Fancy Violet Diamond.

Violent Diamond Color Intensity & Hues

Why Invest in Violet?

Fancy Violet diamonds are very beautiful and rare, however, they are not as expensive as say rare red and blue diamonds. This makes them an ideal introductory opportunity for investors looking to enter the diamond market since the cost of these diamonds is not excessive and their appearance is stunning. By starting your diamond investments with a Fancy Violet diamond you are guaranteed to view the world’s best, natural diamonds, and prices that defy comparison year after year.

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Fancy Violet Color Investment Diamonds

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