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Fancy Yellow Color Investment Grade Diamonds

Yellow Fancy Diamond

Natural fancy yellow diamonds are very rare when compared to traditional colorless diamonds, though they aren’t the rarest of the all fancy color diamonds. This relatively ample supply actually has a benefit, since it has created an active marketplace with appealing diamonds at a range of price-points. This makes them an ideal introductory opportunity for investors looking to enter the diamond market since the cost of these diamonds is not excessive and their appearance is stunning.

Fancy yellow diamonds are not only eye-catching, but they are very enticing to investors. They remain comparatively affordable, even though the demand for yellow diamonds has soared over the last 30 years. As the market matures even more, yellow diamonds are poised for breakout performance, especially stones possessing a high intensity and weight over 2 carats, which puts them in the sweet spot for elite investors.

Yellow diamonds are by far one of the most popular fancy color diamonds, with the highest market demand. Over the past 10 years, as indicated in the chart below, a Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond has outperformed other commodities by a wide margin, which is further proof that these stones are a superb choice for investors.

10 Year Performance of Fancy Yellow Diamonds

What Determines the Value of a Yellow Color Diamond

Color Scale

The color scale of colorless diamonds ranges from D - Z. Where this scale ends, the fancy color diamond scale begins, starting with Fancy Yellow and Brown Diamonds. There are some diamonds that possess traces of yellow or brown that fall between U and Z of the colorless scale, therefore yellow and brown diamonds are the only fancy color diamonds that start within the colorless grading scale. Below is an example from left to right: the first 4 stones fall within U - Z colorless grading scale and contain traces of yellow and brown, then moving to fancy light yellow, fancy yellow, fancy intense yellow, fancy vivid yellow and then fancy deep yellow.

Yellow Diamond Color Scale

Hue of the yellow color within the stone determines the grade of fancy yellow diamonds. At the beginning of the scale, diamonds containing the least amount of yellow tone are Light Yellow Diamonds and contain just as much colorless tone as they do yellow. Diamonds that contain no white tones and possess strong yellow tones and saturation are Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds and live at the higher end of the scale.

Color Intensity

The fancy yellow diamond scale is not as straightforward as other color diamond scales due to the fact the yellow scale starts within the colorless grading scale. All yellow diamonds that we offer are 100% natural and can fall into 6 different grades of color including light (X - Z) of the colorless grading scale, Fancy Light, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep and even Fancy Dark which contains no colorless overtones, at all.

Alternatively, a superior color intensity can be directly attributed to the diamond cut. Therefore, its important to invest in a diamond from someone you trust.

Complementary Hues

Most color diamonds contain anywhere from one to three complimentary hues of color, although most investors and buyers prefer a pure fancy color stone. In fancy yellow diamonds, green and orange are the most common secondary color and in darker yellow diamonds, green and brown hues are commonly found. A lot of buyers tend to prefer a straight, pure color when purchasing a fancy color diamond, although when certain colors are combined, it frequently creates a stunning, eye-catching effect. The photo below exhibits different possible intensities and hues that can exist within a Fancy Yellow Diamond.

The photo below illustrates different possible intensities and hues that can exist within a Fancy Yellow Diamond.

Yellow Diamond Color Scale

Why Invest in Yellow?

In conclusion, over the past 10 years at auction (See table below), 15 Fancy Vivid Yellows have sold for more than $100,000 per carat. The smallest diamond was a 5.14 carat with a VS2 clarity and the largest was a 110.03 carat pear-shaped diamond sold in Geneva back in 2011, which broke the record for that year. The chart below also illustrates how Yellow Color Diamonds make an excellent investment as the price per carat consistently has increased over the years.

Carat Size Clarity Total Price Price per Carat Auction Date Auction House
10.39 VVS1 $1,072,553 $103,229.36 11-18-2004 Christie's
9.22 Unknown $969,699 $105,173.43 11-15-2000 Sotheby's
96.62 VS2 $10,847,200 $112,266.61 11-13-2013 Sotheby's
110.03 VVS1 $12,361,558 $112,347.16 11-15-2011 Sotheby's
20.66 IF $2,409,243 $116,613.89 11-27-2012 Christie's
6.16 IF $748,026 $121,432.79 10-7-2013 Sotheby's
13.11 IF $1,595,674 $121,714.26 4-10-2008 Sotheby's
12.02 IF $1,534,696 $127,678.54 11-29-2010 Christie's
10.3 VS1 $1,375,443 $133,538.16 11-12-2014 Sotheby's
21.4 IF $3,137,155 $146,596.03 5-14-2008 Christie's
12.16 IF $1,904,042 $156,582.40 11-10-2010 Sotheby's
100.09 VS2 $16,347,847 $163,331.47 5-13-2014 Sotheby's
9.03 VVS1 $1,537,615 $170,278.52 12-1-2009 Christie's
5.14 VS2 $1,054,647 $205,184.24 10-6-2010 Sotheby's
20.8 VS1 $5,184,702 $249,264.52 11-13-2103 Sotheby's

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