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We make it easy to create the perfect anniversary or engagement ring. Just chose from one of these pre-selected quality settings and then use our Diamond Finder below to pick out the perfect stone.

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Selecting the right diamond is a big decision. Some people start with a target size, and look for the highest quality of that size within their budget. Others have a specific shape in mind, then compare available stones to find just the right one. Whatever your criteria are, our Diamond Finder can make it easy. Just select the shape, price range, carat weight and other factors you're shopping by, then click Search to get a list of matching stones. The Diamond Finder allows you to shop by what's important to you. If you find a diamond somewhere else, filter the Finder by that stone's specs to find similar diamonds, then look for a lower price.

Diamond Tips:

*Colors range from D to M, with D being completely colorless and M being almost a pale yellow. The less color, the more sparkle and "fire" a diamond will have. Buy the best color your can afford!
*Clarity ranges from IF to I1. IF is internally flawless, with no spots or blemishes, known as "inclusions." As you move to SI and I grades, the diamond will have more visible spots, which diminishes the eye appeal.
*Shape and cut are often used synonymously, but while shape describes a diamond's form, such as round or cushion, cut is a grade ranging from fair to excellent that refers to a diamond's sparkle.


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